You have a long journey ahead of you and you have no prospect of a bed for the first few hours. Then you just sleep in the train, bus, car (as a passenger at least) or on the plane?
September 30, 2023 by
Kris | Fja-Oeyen

In reality, however, it is not always easy to take a nap on the way to your holiday destination. With these tips you might get some sleep anyway!


Taking an air mattress or sleeping mat with you and lying down in the aisle of the bus, train or plane ... unfortunately, that's not going to work. A pillow or blanket is possible of course!


If you want to be able to sit comfortably in your chair, put on something comfortable. Jeans or a too tight pair of trousers or skirt is not a good idea. Pyjamas may be a step too far, but loose clothing can be trendy and handy at the same time.

Dress in layers and put on a hooded sweater if necessary, so you can mentally shut yourself off from the people around you more easily. Another tip: put on shoes or sandals that are easy to put on and take off. This way - if you're not too big - you can pull up your legs without getting the seat dirty.


Check if you have a chance to eat on the way or not. After all, falling asleep with a rumbling stomach is even more difficult. Eat in advance or bring a snack that doesn't contain too much sugar or caffeine. Otherwise you will get too much energy to sleep.

On the other hand, it is also not a good plan to eat a heavy meal before you leave, because your intestines and stomach still have to work too hard (and sometimes there is not immediately a toilet nearby). So stick to easily digestible ingredients.


Because of the air conditioning or heating you soon get a dry mouth and a thirst. So drink enough before you leave. Of course don't exaggerate because if you have to go to the toilet every 15 minutes, you won't get much sleep.

A shot to make it easier to fall asleep? That helps for a while, but you sleep much more restlessly, less deeply, and you wake up quickly. So it doesn't make much sense. If you want to calm down, you'd better choose a natural sleep aid such as herbal tea.  


Belly, back or side sleeper ... it all doesn't matter if you can only sleep sitting down. If you can choose your seat, a window seat is more convenient if you plan to take a nap. This way you can lean your head against the side wall or the window. Slightly reduced chance of a stiff neck.


When darkness falls, your brain produces melatonin, which prepares your body for sleep, so to speak. On buses, trains or planes, however, it is never completely dark. Whether it's the street lights or your neighbor's reading light ... An eye mask is your salvation!

You will also experience a lot more noise pollution along the way than in your bedroom. So bring earplugs or listen to some quiet music to fall asleep.  

Do you have any tricks to get a better night's sleep on your travels?

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