Are you listless and irritable after the holidays? Don't you ever feel well-rested this time of year? Then you might suffer from the winter blues. Don't worry, with these simple tips from Fja-Oeyen, you'll recover in no time.
September 30, 2023 by
Kris | Fja-Oeyen


Make no mistake, you're certainly not the only one who gets a dip during the darkest days of the year. This phenomenon is therefore regularly researched. One thing is certain: a lack of light doesn't do your body any good.

In sunlight, which is hard to find in the winter, you will build up vitamin D. This is important for your resistance and your mood, among other things. Light also takes care of the melatonin production in your brain. This hormone determines your sleep-wake rhythm or biological clock.

Melatonin ensures that your body knows when it should be in active or resting mode. So if you don't have enough melatonin, your biorhythm gets confused. This has an impact on your blood pressure, body temperature and hormone production. No wonder you get a dip and experience the winter blues...


Tip 1: Improve your sleep quality​

Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night, no more and no less. Need an afternoon nap? Then make it half an hour at most. Make sure you stay regular. After all, the winter blues affect your sleeping pattern, causing you to sleep too little or badly.

There is no point in lying in bed tossing and turning awake for hours. It is better to do something about your sleep quality. Natural down pillows and duvets from Fja-Oeyen make you feel like nesting in their softness in the evening. What's more, they allow your body to breathe.

By the way, don't put your smartphone or laptop within reach. Not only do they distract you, but they also emit blue light that counteracts melatonin production. As a result, your brain remains in active mode. Also set your alarm clock far enough so you can't see the time when you're in bed.

Tip 2: Light therapy

Your brain needs light to function optimally. So go outside as much as possible or buy a special lamp that mimics daylight.

Tip 3: Smile!

Even if you're not in the mood, force a smile on your face. Just the fact that you make grimaces (which look like smiles) will do your brain good.

Tip 4: Adjust your menu

Did you know that food determines your mood and thus also experiencing the winter blues? Dark chocolate, fish, bananas, lentils and poultry, among others, are good for your mood. Caffeine, sugar and alcohol are better avoided if you suffer from a winter dip.

Tip 5: Exercise more

Admittedly, it requires extra motivation to exercise in gloomy weather. Still, it helps to tackle your winter blues. Sport gives you a boost of adrenaline, endorphins and oxygen. Result? During the day you have more energy and at night you sleep better.

Do you want to tackle the winter blues and your sleep quality right away? Ask Fja-Oeyen for advice!​ 

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