If you have trouble falling asleep, if you can't wake up in the morning or if you're just curious about your sleeping pattern, it's worth checking out the many sleep applications for your smartphone.
September 30, 2023 by
Kris | Fja-Oeyen

Whether you use Android or iPhone, there's a lot to choose from. Often for free or for a few euros. We made a selection of 5 great and especially useful sleep apps for you! ​ 


Falling asleep within half an hour, that's what​ Pzizz teaches you. Or taking a power nap, it's possible as well. A quiet voice will put you to sleep, as it were. Meanwhile you hear soft, almost hypnotic music and all kinds of soothing sounds in the background.

Turn off the lights, lie comfortably under your down blanket and listen to a Pzizz soundtrack to completely relax. With the free version you have a little less options than what the paid version has to offer, but the effect is relaxing anyway ...


If you want to tackle stress or sleep problems thoroughly, it helps to adapt your lifestyle. Regularity, rest and putting things into perspective do you good. If you are into meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking, then​ 

The goal is actually to take breaks in your daily life, even if only for a few minutes. The app proposes relaxation exercises such as body scans, teaches you mindful thinking, helps you to concentrate, and so on. 

You can choose different images and sounds for your home screen. Anything to calm you down ... and hopefully fall asleep faster at the end of the day.


Use this application to get up fresher. The trick is to wake up in the right sleep phase. If your alarm clock goes off while you are in your deep sleep, you increase the chance of a morning mood because you don't feel well-rested.

Through a motion sensor (now present in every smartphone) Sleep Cycle measures when you are in light sleep. It is then more pleasant to wake up. You do enter in advance when you need to get up anyway. The only risk is that you will wake up half an hour before your actual alarm time. You can also check the statistics about your sleep afterwards.


If you snore, or think you snore, Snorelab will help. Not only does it give you insight into your sleeping pattern, it also records how much and how loud you snore. On that basis you get a snore score. This means you don't have to try to score as high as possible ... In the morning, the app will give you tips on how to get rid of your snoring. No doubt it will come in handy!


Atmosphere is all about relaxing sounds. You can't think of anything that you won't find a sound of in this app. Does crackling fire soothe you? Seagulls, chirping crickets or the howling of a wolf? Is it easier to fall asleep with buzz, police sirens or heavy traffic in the background? Or rather with underwater whale sounds? There is something for everyone!

As an extra you can even listen to binaural and isochronic soundtracks. You can't call it music, more a combination of tones that act on your brain. Strange, indeed ... but who knows, it might be the trick to make you fall asleep!

What's your favorite sleeping app?

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